Luiny Rivera Gelpí for FiLiLí; Summer 2012

Founded by Luiny Rivera Gelpi in 2003 , FiLiLí is a New York based jewelry line that offers one of a kind, handmade designs.

Born in Puerto Rico, Luiny has been inspired by the colors of the beautiful island to create eclectic and fun pieces focusing on material interplay.

FiLiLí Jewelry has been featured in NYHFW’s Green Tents alongside puertorican designer, Auralís Herrero Lugo and is currently carried in selected stores in New York and Puerto Rico.

“FiLiLí is wearable art ! Each element is hand crafted using wire and recycled fabrics; making each piece one-of-a-kind. My most recent collection is inspired by Alexander Calder’s playful use of geometric shapes and William D. Kooning’s sense of color. Using modern art as a reference is a central part of my aesthetic and process. I strive to make each piece unique and I love working with individuals clients to create custom work.”

– Luiny

About a week ago, Luiny, Mónica, Mónica, Paola and myself met up on a cold drizzly day. We were hoping for sun so we could be at the park and maybe another location. But that just wasn’t going to work out, we had to do the shooting that day as Paola was in from out of town and her time was limited. Hoping we could maybe get some shots under the newly blossoming cherry tree, that didn’t work out either. The drizzle picked up scaring me and Mónica out of putting our Canons in harms way. So we took to the main lobby of the apartment, we didn’t hang around long so we would not bum anyone out (yes, some people are bummed out by hot chicks and flashing lights).

– Omar

Check out more FiLiLí here

All Photos © Mónica Félix



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