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Love as Laughter & Heavy Blanket @Union Pool

Holy shit, summer has officially started in NYC. This last weekend was packed with events. Puerto Ricans and gays had parades, The Governors Ball was head lined by Kanye and thousands of amazing roof top BBQs happened (if you did not make it to a dope BBQ, I seriously feel for you).

On Saturday THE Union Pool started its “Summer Thunder” back yard parties, which are awesome and free. I attended to shoot B roll of my good buddies from Love as Laughter (video out soon). LAL threw down a dope set that had some new songs I had not heard yet and I can’t wait to hear the studio recordings. At the end of LAL’s set J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr. / Heavy Blanket) hopped in to add some extra guitar shredding to a 10 minute jam session. After a brief intermission Heavy Blanket took to the stage and just started killing it with heavy acid soaked instrumental amazingness! Unfortunately some random cops walked passed the show and made the staff shut down the music, which makes no fucking sense because it was the middle of the afternoon at a bar that’s known for having loud shows!?! So fucking lame…… The Heavy Blanket set was headed towards some epic shit, hopefully I can catch them again at some point. As well I hope the Summer Thunder parties are not jeopardized for the rest of the summer.

– Omar

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LAL Heavy Blanket Heavy Blanket Heavy Blanket

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