Love As Laughter @ Gutter, 4/14/2012

Last night was preeeeetty rad, not gonna lie right meow. Steph Grant (of Hallways) and I hit up Gutter for the Love As Laughter show. The opening acts included Sundown and El Dorado. I missed most of Sundown’s set so I am not sure what they brought to the table, but their music sure was loud. El Dorado pretty much blew my black jeans off, I had never heard of them, but the cranked out some killer tunes. Place El Dorado in your deep, dark and grimey side of your playlists. Sam and his crew of awesomeness aka Love As Laughter hit the stage last, ready to straight kill shit. LAL pretty much slathered Gutter with enough sauce to serve an entire 12 piece of your favorite fried snack. Sam is a musical master mind (write that down), to be very short about this (I think my CPU is about to explode), put them on the last/next big thing list you think you should be talking about.

P.S. Visit Sam for Wednesday night

bingo at GOOD CO. !

– Omar


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