Little Dragon, Theophilis London @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Met up with two hotties in willyburg last night to have some miso, sushi and sapporo. On some nights this can be all you need for a good time, not this night though. This was merely the launch pad for a great night at the MHW. We missed Billygoat- got carried away at the sushi spot. As we walked in, Theo had just started his set wearing a fur coat, black pants and black hat, looking like a lost member of public enemy that was on some pimp shit. I was pleasantly surprised as to how good he got the place moving, he pulls of a style of music that so many people right  now wish they could do (without looking corny).

After Theo finished, Little Dragon put on a really good show, playing elongated and tweeked versions of their rad songs as well as some new stuff! Lead singer Yukimi Nagano has a sweeping and light voice that sounded great, coupled with her style of dance it creates quite the mystical stage presence. Little Dragon killed it, if I wasn’t going to see Amil Larriuex tonight I would consider going to see the second show in the city!

– Omar

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