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Little Dragon-Ritual Union

Seriously some illll ass shit yo! Little Dragon is definitely bringing my summer to a higher level. If your BBQing, blazing it up, tossing back a tall can, cleaning that dirty ass house/room of yours, or washing your car/bike, or just dancing…knock the shit out of this album. Yukimi Nagano sings beautifully over something we call Trip hop, jazz, electro soul, funk. The beats she sings over are created jointly by Fredrick Källgren (bass), Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards) and Erik Bodin (drums).

Listen to Ritual Union below.


Little Dragon will also be performing at San Francisco Outside lands Art and Music Festival. So if your going, you guys are in for a treat. LOVING this album and Looking forward to seeing Little Dragon perform live, who wouldn’t? So Dope, press play and listen again, or purchase from Itunes. What a pretty voice.


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