Last Night @ Lit Lounge, NYC

I just made an executive decision (yea, I do that shit?!) I should be putting out some of these rad pics from hanging out around town. Last night we hit Lit Lounge because friend and photographer Monica Felix loves to dance there. Upstairs was being Deejayed by Joshua Wildman and his friend Leo Fitzpatric (Leo is in the best movie of all time, KIDS!) and downstairs was being held down by Prince Terrence. As it turns out Prince is a cousin of the homie Pearl The Dragon of Champagne Champagne, cliche, but it’s crazy how small this world is?! I had no idea we were gonna have so much fucking fun!? Oh yeah small side note, when we walked up the bouncer was arguing with some girl from a band, called her a cunt and told her “get the fuck ouuutta here” in that NY accent, it was a nice kick in the ear to get things started!!!

– Omar

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