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LA Vs. War: Art for Peace in the Hope Era

So my very dear lady friend Estee Ochoa, who is fucking rad/sexy/artsy/smarty/makes people look their best with her costume wizardry! She just so happens to be producing a fantastic piece of video work that links the fact that, countries tend to be at war (always), as people (artists) tend to fight the pile of shit that lies behind them. I have been one to support such traditions, because as the world turns it fucking burns, if I were a religious person I would say something like “Me and my brethren, lay between the Gods and their opposition” (I just made that up right meow). The truth is the world is a fucking shitty fucked place and things like this need to happen every GOD damn day, so we can counter balance this crazy place that we call our MOTHER.

– Omar


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