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La La La Lakim!

[audio:http://supplyanddemand.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/LAKIM-Angels-With-Filthy-Souls-04-Only-In-My-Mind1.mp3|titles=LAKIM – Angels With Filthy Souls – 04 Only In My Mind][audio:http://supplyanddemand.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/LAKIM-Angels-With-Filthy-Souls-07-Too-Late.mp3|titles=LAKIM – Angels With Filthy Souls – 07 Too Late][audio:http://supplyanddemand.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/LAKIM-Angels-With-Filthy-Souls-10-Bonus-Mobb-Deep-Hell-On-Earth-LAKIM-Remix.mp3|titles=LAKIM – Angels With Filthy Souls – 10 Bonus – Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth (LAKIM Remix)]

Here at S&D we are big fans of the homie Lakim…Check the post we did a few months back here. Lakim’s newest release, Angels With Filthy Souls, is solid. One of best records yet..and it’s free! Similar to his previous release, Taking Trips, Lakim still uses well edited influences and style to make his work more personal.

Angels With Filthy Souls takes classic jazz standards and adds a current hip hop sensibility. We are working on putting a feature together, but until then, give AWFS a listen and vibe out on smooth and stylish beats.

Download it here



***Apparently me and Milo drafted the same post at the same time, you know what they say about great minds. Here is my take on AWFS.***

So I have had a descent amount of stuff in the new listening pile and Lakim seems to have popped up at just the right time. Got a whole lot of moves being made at the moment and on top of that I got the kids from Hallways crashing on the couch. Its a very exciting time with many opportunities on the horizon and Lakim’s “Angels With Filthy Souls” is fitting right in with my mood right now. I feel like I’m in a moment where moves need to be created with precision and delivered with authority. The beats on AWFS are perfect for these situations, I can grind away on emails, bounce ideas with business partners and eat a sandwich while I reflect. Tracks like “The Grand Illusion”, “Only In My Mind”, “Too Late”, “One For B.Patt” will let you know what I mean. Even the samples seem to reflect this type of forward thinking through reflection, with that ill Frisco vibe!

– Omar

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