Kool Keith

Kool Keith – Betrayal

New Kool Keith song, whhaaat! Its has been awhile! I will never forget the first KK show I went to, it was at the RCKNDY, the craziest Seattle venue EVER! Well it might be debatable with the Crocodile as the 90’s were legendary in 206, but either way people went ape shit at RCKNDY! If i remember correctly he made the crowd wait an extra 40 minutes or so before even coming out to start the show. After things got going KK was throwing out bagged fried chicken and capri sun juice to the fans as his masked henchmen and strippers provided bonus on stage action! Yes we ate the chicken and drank the juice! We were 15 or so, so free snacks were exactly what we needed. Ate some point a bit of stage diving ensued, my buddies girl at the time got kicked in the head and wore a plaid flannel shirt over her head for the rest of the show. There is so much more to this story, but I would have to get some more personal accounts from some buddies to fill it out?!

Shouts to the Hypetrak for the info.


UPDATE –  I edited a section out of my story where I started to get all preachy about how I thought how influential RCKNDY was with stage diving and crowd surfing (props to Iggy Pop the originator) in the 90’s, leading it to be a common occurrence in live shows these days. But then I found this just a couple minutes ago. Remember, we were at a rap show, RCKNDY infamous for its punk and hard core shows of course it would be expected. This was around late ’96 and by this time the place was so infamous even a underground rap show looked just like a punk rock show.


– Omar

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