Kirby Kenny- a short by Jai Lennard

Jai Lennard, a New York photographer, designer, writer and all-around creative genius just sent over this amazing film he wrote, and stars the beautiful Kirby Kenny!

The use of ambient noise and textured sound throughout the film is amazing; giving the video a great look and feel. There is something futuristic and modern about the setting and the concept..reminiscent of Janet and Michael Jackson’s video Scream. Brendan Stumpf did an amazing job of capturing brilliantly clear and vivid colors.

Kirby Kenny is a story about power and self awareness; the constant struggle between who you are, and who the world wants you to be. As the story progress’s Kirby finally decides to break free from her confines, from the people that define her and begins to understand herself through her own definitions and point of view.


Kirby Kenny features music off of Mathew Dears most recent album Black City and really works well with the general emotion the film exudes.

so in your life don’t just get on the treadmill and run till someone tells you to stop. make your own decisions-call your own shot and be who you want to be.






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