Kanye West’s “ok we get it” legendary theatrical Coachella Performance

“My biggest disappointment in life is not being able to see myself perform live.” After last night’s Coachella performance, Kanye may actually have a valid profound point. Ordinarily, for music festivals, especially ones held in deserts which are predominantly attended by thousands of joint rolling, glass mirror shaving, acid tripping, chocolate shroom chewing, pabst drinking fans, artists aren’t expected to create such spectacular Cirque de Soleil Madison Square Garden Grammy Nominated Performances; but Kanye did. After a diatribe of +20 songs of brilliance spanning just north of 90 minutes, Kanye quite possibly put on one of the greatest live performances ever (no its not close to Michael’s Billie Jean performance at Motown 25, trust me, you don’t “wanna be startin somethin.”) Although, I must say, each delicately orchestrated choreographed set was something “The King” would be proud of, such as West’s entrance. He rose above the audience via an enormous crane that swung him over the entire stage. He performed non stop with no hype man-(not sure if Selita Ebanks was there). Despite what quite possibly may have felt for some fans as a marathon, Kanye left more fans and those viewing on Coachella’s live stream on youtube wanting more. (That’s how I watched it, although I only originally tuned in because of The Strokes (who played before Kanye)). Absolutely yes, Kanye “killed it.” But rest assured Mr. West, “we get it,” you’re a legend, but drive slow homie.

-johnny o.

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    I think these guys are doing really great.

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