JOHNNYSWIM @ The Living Room

These two kids are quite the package, it’s not hard to see or hear why! Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez are a couple that formed their musical endeavor in Tennessee,  they have been working on music together since the spring of 2006. Now they are stationed out of L.A. I met them the first time last year after I saw them play a set at SOB’s of the same style, just the two of them. It is clear they have improved quite a bit since then. Abner’s showmanship has more than doubled, Amanda is just effortless with her presence, shes got that super sultry eye down! I am super curious to see what a full band could make out of these tracks when performed live, be sure to listen to the studio recordings to get the full effect! Also peep their website, don’t be surprised when one of their songs is in your favorite romantic comedy.

P.S. It was Abner’s B’day so at the end of the set they threw some Antoine Dobson “They Rapin Everybody Out Here” for you viral fanatics, peep the end of my video to see that!

[itunes link=”″ title=”Johnnyswim”]

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