JOGYO @ Lit Lounge 3/20/2012

– JOGYO, translates from sanskrit as “pure thoughts or stillness among action”.

Again I found myself back at Lit Lounge on a random Tuesday night. The homie Zach of Grand Voyager hit me up around 10:30 with a text that said “yo you wanna check out this group JOGYO?” I was already at the computer so I did a quick youtube search. A couple videos popped up, but none of them really had much to help me make a decsision as to whether or not I was diggin their music. I did however find a video with two topless dancers doing interpretive movements and poses. I figured I may as well go, if they are righteous enough to include partial nudity alongside a performance, they gotta have something going for them, right? I found Zach swimming in what looked like the strangest compilation of drinkers, everything from the average white guy in new balances (tied real tight) with a blue button up to the over the top transvestite and don’t forget the two sultry women sprawled across the bar. I had nothing to drink when I showed up, but was thourgly under the influence of wacky tobaccy (it really brought the experience together, duh). I remember all 50 times my camera bag was rammed by incohearant  passers by and no one said excuse me, sorry, or anything, it wasn’t even crowded?! These people were wasted! Granted it was already 12:00am, I asked around as to what was going on, I pieced together what (I think) was happening. It was a birthday party for someone as there there were HBD streamers, Carolina Herrera was there with people from Bravo, there were a couple ladies in skimpy outfits twerkin it on top of the bar and JOGYO was performing. Now if all these things were related, I have no idea, the music was pretty intense (house, dubstep, industrial etc.) I had to break my sobriety and drink a beer to cope. I had my Mexican beer and tried to settle in, shortly after Zach introduced me to Devi and Dru aka JOGYO. They were super nice and very chill people with awesome outfits, their DJ had a super rad steam punk look going too (l have fantasies of being a steam punk), things were looking up. We all chatted briefly, Devi exclaimed Zach was her new best friend as they pounded drinks like kids at summer camp when they get their hands on cold Tang at lunch on a hot summer day. Soon enough the duo hopped outta their seats and said something like “it’s time to do this”. They cleared a space in front of the DJ booth, the beat dropped and I was kinda just stuck where I stood wedged between two random wastoids. I just stood there (still super blazed), I was doing the head tilt like when a dog doesn’t get what you are saying, as well I know I had some weird look on my face (I make lots of faces). As the second song began to break in to full swing, Devi walked right up to me pointed  and said my name then screamed something. I could not hear what she said as the sound was terrible, I am pretty sure the PA equipment in there was from the late 90’s and very tired. Jogyo’s music was such a wild mash up of fast heavy and hard musical styles it took about 3 songs for me to wrap my head around what was going on. As the fourth song started Dru dragged one of the benches in to the middle of the dance floor,  Devi laid down on it and closed her eyes. Dru started spitting his fast grimey raps in a real low growl, Devi began to twitch and writhe all over the bench. Her eyes rolled and fluttered as she slipped into a Voodoo trance. Right then I realized “this shit is awesome”, my head started to bob and people started to really get hyped. Jogyo is a wild mash up of dancehall, infused with house electronica and wild African drums/patterns. Although it is nearly impossible to be completely original these days, these two are definitely ON ONE and very forward thinking with their tunes. Jogyo is super progressive and very intense, they meaning behind the band name makes perfect sense, a type of controlled chaos, probably the best group name I have heard in a hot minute! I look forward to hearing them on a proper sound system that really slaps and can do their tracks justice, next time I will be ready!

– Omar

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