Jesse Edwards “Dialogue of the Streets”

I first met Jesse hanging around the 35th North skateshop (one of the best on the planet, easily)  back a handful of years ago. We never really talked much, but it was easy to see that he had some crazy stuff bouncing around in his head. A couple years later I did the math, he was ALWAYS covered in paint and ALWAYS had a wild story to tell. Clearly this dude was one of the local crazies running around town throwing up pieces left and right, brilliant displays of civil disobedience. Jesse was doing “Installation” art in the streets, along side that madness he studied fine art at Cornish College of the Arts and Gage Academy. Over the last couple years he has really begun to gain some recognition for his work with ceramics and oil based paintings. Last night (1/13/12) was the opening for some of Jesse’s work, held at Klughaus gallery in the very, very L.E.S. of Manhattan. There were free drinks and a great crowd to show support. If you want a little more insight on Jesse, peep this dope interview and as well check out his Wiki for a brief history lesson.

– Omar

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