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J-Cole Return of Simba

“..I only make classics, what that take, Timing. Cole under pressure, what that make. Diamonds!” Yeah, yeah, yeah! J.Cole done did it again folks. Anticipation is defined as pleasurable expectation. We waited…and he delivered. Return of Simba is J.Cole’s fresh single, with an official single dropping soon. J. Cole announces his return, and addresses his competition in a track that he produced himself with Elite. The beat produced hits home, its nice, soulful and gives you the ability to feel the  content and purpose. I saw J.Cole last fall in San Jose when he performed his 3rd mix-tape ” Friday Night Lights” and simply was amazed by his presence. Take a listen to this track, and let me know what you think. I’m feeling it, and can’t wait till he takes the next step.

“I’m a lil more realla, when it comes from the heart, don’t it feel more illa, watch my flow go bananas, I’m lil gorilla”



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