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Introducing Azure-Illusions of Oasis

Hello, Hello. My deepest apologies to you all. Nevertheless, I am back on the grind, so come with me! With the overwhelming music submissions, I thank you, and promise to get to them all. I listen to the albums in its entirely, rather then just playing the first or last track. So bear with me.

Which brings me to my next subject, Azuré aka Justin Park, has been on the grind developing his sound and audience. Azure’s new album Illusions of Oasis is fresh and ready to download. Download the album and listen for the love of hip hop. Its clean, soulful, and realistic. I met Azure at Niketown in SF when the COOL GREY 11’s drop and he was an everyday dude. He dropped his album, I asked some questions, and this is what he had to say…

Who you are, how you came up with Azure?
I’m a 23 year old musician from the East Bay. I go by the moniker Azuré because the root word Azur means the color of the sky. It’s significant to me because I value my experiences all throughout life and although the things around us constantly change, the sky stays the same. It encompasses and represents my memories and my right now.

Whats the meaning behind the album name?
Illusions of Oasis represents my dreams. These hopes and aspirations are only illusions until I can make them a reality, that being my oasis.

What’s your message?
Some people try to label the sound I’m going for as “conscious” or “backpack rap”, so they assume all my material will be about is peace and staying true. Yes, some songs do deal with those things but in reality, the message I’m trying to put out is my stories. I’m trying to find things in my experiences that anybody can either relate to or at least feel for.

What influences or inspires you?
My influences are endless. I take influences in everything from 70’s Motown, Blu, Tribe, to even when I’d be banging Ludacris out my walkman as a kid. Too tough to choose one. As far as inspirations, I’m inspired by my everyday life, the people I meet and the things I observe. My times of pain and my hopes of sharing my music to the masses really mold my sound.

Show dates?
Hoping the right ears hear me and book me!

Where can people catch you?
Digitally, besides my musical outlets & youtube, my blog and twitter

Physically, catch me running around clothing and record shops in SF or snoozin on some beach in SD.

Whats next?
More videos with my partner Arnold Rafael. My sophomore mixtape’s progress in full effect!

Now hes not so much of a stranger, check out Embedded Love video off The Illusions of Oasis album. This is actually one of my favorites to jam too. Enjoy and comment below.

Stay tune for more updates, keep the submissions coming and Thanks for the support! Now go download the album. Big ups to Thang for the connect.

Like it, Share it, Explore it.

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