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Hip Hop: According to Hopie.

“The thing is that I seriously love being on stage – I’m usually at gigs impatiently waiting for my intro – And, I hope that that’s what I bring to the stage.  I have a lot of energy, and I love to connect with my crowd.  I really want them to feel that I want to be there, and that the performance was for them.”  -Hopie

Clearly, music is a male-dominated game; Hip Hop is a male-dominated genre. However, when you have San Francisco’s female emcee, Hopie, on stage… that sh** doesn’t even matter. You’ll become so engrossed/consumed by her– she’ll eat you alive with her sass, whit/intelligence, dope-unique style, and cutting lyrics. Hopie will gobble you up– like a slice of birthday cake, as seen in the”Yummy” video. [See below].

S&D [Sheila]: When was the first time you battled someone & won over a crowd?

Hopie: I can’t tell you when I first won over a crowd, but I can say that one of the most memorable was forever immortalized in my music video for “Yummy”.  Although the shrinking, seduction and cake-eating were admittedly minor exaggerations, what, in fact, did happen was that the audience chanted “yummy” until the other rapper gave me the mic.  It was one of the defining moments in my career.

S&D [Sheila]: Tell us about your greatest performance experience:
Hopie: Performing at Paid Dues was so humbling, and so was this past gig hosting for the Invisibl Skratch Piklz reunion show at Fader Fest. 
S&D [Sheila]: That’s dope! What can the audience expect from a live show/performance by Hopie? What are some positive feedback(s) that you have gotten from an audience?
Hopie: The thing is that I seriously love being on stage – I’m usually at gigs impatiently waiting for my intro – And, I hope that that’s what I bring to the stage.  I have a lot of energy, and I love to connect with my crowd.  I really want them to feel that I want to be there, and that the performance was for them.
S&D [Sheila]: What are some challenges that you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?
Probably the biggest challenge to my music career was law school- more specifically, the time, money and energy funneled into law school was an extremely frustrating and relentless obstacle.  I was seriously considering either postponing music during school, or quitting music altogether.  I resented law school when I couldn’t take a show or when I had built up aggression from being away from the lab for too long.  One time, I got the invite from a legendary rapper to record with him and a Grammy-winning producer and I couldn’t miss this fucking seminar ironically in Art Law.  I was HEATED.  During those times, all I could do was remember why I was where I was and what I needed to do to get out, aka commitment and determination… I couldn’t throw it all away because I fell off for an hour.  I just didn’t have the luxury of fucking up just because I was having a bad day, even if it was everyday for 3 years.
S&D [Sheila]: Yep, I feel you on that! If you had the opportunity to change something in the music industry, what would it be?
Hopie: These deals be faulty and they don’t cultivate creativity or talent.  Shit kills the art before it ever hits wax.
S&D [Sheila]: That’s true. As an artist, how do you define “success”?
Hopie: I feel true success when I write a song that captures everything I’m experiencing at that time.  Of course, I really f*cking appreciate hearing applause or seeing a good review or hearing a compliment , but, I think the feeling of artistic success doesn’t come from without.  From an artistic standpoint, I always feel the truest success, even if I write a song doesn’t ever reach an audience, so long as I felt like writing, I sat down for an hour and wrote exactly what I was trying to write.  It’s such a good feeling to make your art do what you want it to.
S&D [Sheila]: Who are your favorite or artist(s) to work with?
Hopie: At this independent level of musicianship, we are usually working with homies who are talented as shit, but understand we are all broke as hell, and we just work together by choice and by love.  So, if we are still working together, and it means we are friends and I am fuckin with you.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working with 6Fingers since 2006, so I am super comfortable in how we work together.  Also, Del is my mentor, and working on an album with someone who you consider a hero of sorts is crazy.  I’ve been in the stu with other totally awesome artists, but I haven’t made albums with everyone, just 6 and Del. 
S&D [Sheila]: Any artist(s) you love to work with (that you haven’t worked with already) and why?
Hopie: First of all, I have a new album [came out on 9/13] called “Raw Gems”.  It has production by 6Fingers and Exile Radio, and features Murs, Del, LuckyIAm, Psalm One, Donwill, Moe Green, and Josie Stingray.  There are 2 album release parties so far: One in SF on 9/15 at 330 Ritch with Rocky Rivera, Hard Candy and La Femme Deadly Venoms; and one in Sac on 9/30 with Chuuwee and Illecism.  I do have a bunch of shows coming up, as well, so people should check the events calendar on my websitewww.hopiespitshard.com.
S&D [Sheila]: What else do you love besides music? What other things are you into or love to do?
Hopie: I am pretty nerdy – Recall law school? – so I like to read and learn new things.  I like to watch informative shows and documentaries, foreign films and indie flicks.  I also shoot pool and play video games, and I am semi-obsessed with interior design.  And, I like to eat, cook and play with dogs.  This is, of course, in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of, so this is more of a list of shit I’d like to do over a 3-day weekend sometime in 2014.
S&D [Sheila]: Lol! I have a background in working in law firms! I took Paralegal classes. You would make a fierce lawyer! That’s dope, we have the same interests [i.e. Video games, documentaries, indie films, interior decorating, cooking/eating, and MUSIC!]. ~Anything, at all, that you want to throw out there?
Hopie: I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting my music, everyone who tells a social networking friend about my newest song or video, and everyone who’s gotten an album from me.  I really appreciate it.
S&D [Sheila]: Thank you so much for your time, Hopie! Much love!

Raw Gems Album:

[itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/space-case-feat.-del-funky/id464178063?i=464178094&uo=4″ title=”Hopie-Space_Case_(feat_Del_the_Funky_Homosapien_Knickerboc)”]

Dulce Vita Album:

[itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-morning-heartache/id434700877?uo=4″ title=”Hopie-Dulce_Vita_(Album)”]

Music Videos:



“Be A Lady”

“Trunk” [The Remixes]

“Space Case” feat. Del The Funkee Homosapien

-Sheila [Supply & Demand, San Francisco]

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