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Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane, amongst other things is a tailor. In 2000 Hedi was appointed creative director of Dior; turning the notion of men’s clothing on it’s head, and creating the wildly successful Dior Homme. Using a slimmer silhouette and refreshed proportions, Hedi Slimane injected his personal style and tastes into the wardrobes of fashionably wealthy men around the world.

Hedi creates with a minimal aesthetic; highlighting truth and reality, letting his creations speak for themselves. amongst Hedi’s numerous talents, (furniture design, interior design and fragrance) photography is a medium in which he excels. Hedi Slimane Diary acts as  a journal of visual inspirations.

The flick of De Niro has the Hedi Slimane “DNA” written all over it: clean, minimal, honest and real.


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