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Hanni El Khatib x Rumspringa

Hanni El Khatib and Rumspringa performed at Bootleg Theater in LA this past Monday. I dig both these acts because they are RAW, and for them to perform on the same night is any music fiend’s dream come true.

Originally from San Francisco (reppin’ the bay, son!), Hanni El Khatib is an imperative add to your playlist. His sound is both rough and smooth, like the feeling of whiskey (Jameson would be my choice of course) going down your throat, and his algid, hawkish voice leaves the listener feeling enraptured. To watch some Hanni El Khatib footage from Monday night’s show (not my own, but well done…much props to the photog), click here. And if you want to catch any of his upcoming shows, go to http://www.hannielkhatib.com/

Rumspringa is a band that I saw live for the first time about three years ago at The Echo. Ever since then, I was hooked. It’s cliche’ to say, but the band has really gone through a transformation of sorts. Not to say that they changed their sonancy because their music has always been captivating. Their evolution occurred within the band itself; they started as a duo and now they’re a magnetic quartet. Together, they achieve liquefied sounds and vocals. One of my all-time faves is “Shake ‘Em Loose Tonight”…listen here. In case you’re in LA  and want another opp to see them, they perform at Bootleg again on April 25th.

If you haven’t done so already and you knew what was best for you, go add some Hanni El Khatib and Rumspringa to your music collection. Pure geniuses.


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