Hallways @ Pete’s Candy Store 4/3/2012

The romance between singer/songwriters Grant Burton and Stephanie Parrish inspired the two to form a band when they met in 2007. With strong vocals, haunting harmonies and the musical compliment of Steph on piano and Grant playing guitar, the two began writing, singing and performing together.


The show was opened by the homie Drew Victor, we are so hyped for him as this was the beginning of his tour which took him all the way to the west coast. Grant and Steph are my very close friends, we have done so much together it is kinda crazy. I have been following their music since day one, LITERALLY, I still remember when they didn’t even know each other. They are now in a new town (from Seattle, now in Brooklyn) and have formed a new band featuring Billy Bouchard of Samiam (go visit him at the Commodore, it’s one of my favorites) and Chris Marine of Phosphorescent. The new crew sounds great, a toast (clinks my tea against the cpu screen) to the next step and the future of Hallways, as well a big THANK YOU to all the people who got us to right here, right now.

PS This video is a huge shout out to Kathy and Fred Parrish, here it is!

– Omar




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