GREAT SCOTT! Marty McFly’s Closet!!!

Ever since Nike filed patent papers for a shoe with an automatic lacing system, the internets have been brewing for the possible release of one of the most iconic shoes in movie history. This shoe is called the Nike Air Mag, from movie Back to the Future II.

The above video is from YouTube user named “DocEmmettBrown88” and features the one and only video you see above. The description sates “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that looks like shelves and shelves of 2011 Nike MAG shoes”. Speechless.

Check out more pics of the shoes, the lacing system, and the charging system below.



We can’t wait for the official announcement coming soon!!!

More here.


The shoes feature a glowing LED panel and an electroluminescent Nike logo and are said to have five hours of battery life per shoe. But sadly, Nike’s first rechargeable sneakers don’t actually lace themselves as they did in the film. We still have hope for those in 2015!!!

Starting tonight at 8:30 PM PST, 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG will be auctioned on eBay. 150 pairs will be made available each day over the course of the next ten days with the final date being September 18th. All proceeds benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the ultimate goal of a future without Parkinson’s disease. With a $50 million match given to the foundation, all donations will be matched, thus doubling all contributions from the auction.



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