Gary Clark Jr.

First of all, I’d like to thank EVERYONE who has been check us out since day one, exactly 1 year ago. From all of the staff to all of our fans, without you and your support, we wouldn’t be here still, and we wouldn’t be trying to still find time out of all our schedules to bring you material to add interest/radness through your day! 2012 has much more from us to bring for all you who keep coming back to us in demand, we are here to supply!  Thank you ALL. Bless.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!


I sat here for awhile thinking of how I was going to start this one off, but there really is no better way than saying IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW. (Obviously I’m really hyped on this music)

Gary Clark Jr. is absolutely an amazing musician who has been getting very popular for a long time now and thanks (with all credits due) to Bryan Smith  who I work with and a friend, is actually good buddies with Gary himself since waaay back in Texas, I’ve been put on to someone who is  bridging the next wave of something that I believe to be considered a piece of history that is happening in music today.

Do any of you listen to artists like Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix or even The Black Keys, and say to yourself, “this is f*cking rad!!” Those who enjoy the thick layer of distortion on heavy blues guitar rifts, and bad ass licks for all to envy, this is a healthy addition to the forward motion of the awesome music to come in 2012.

From Austin, Texas….

Gary Clark Jr. is one of few black american artist who is reviving blues music the way it should be. Loud, Gut wrenching, Sweaty, Sticky, Passionate, (blues-lovers add what else you may). The main idea here is that you ain’t never heard nothing like him since maaaybe John Mayer when he’s really feeling it (who he’s also opened for).

Born and raised in Austin, Texas…he’s been playing guitar since 12 and has has been putting in hard work all over the Texas blues music scene, and has been seen with the likes of artists from B.B. King and Eric Clapton to Alicia Keys.

He has about 4 records that you can find, but his most recent is his new EP titled      The Bright Lights is available for free! Check his video below…


Here is also my personal favorite!  Its a  live performance from Gary at the Foundry in Nashville,TN. It’s got that Jimi Hendrix – Third Rock From the Sun  flavor to it.  Yes, I know his vocals don’t come out that well but it doesn’t mess it up one bit…see for yourself. Epic.


So for now, this is well enough to get you started on getting into Gary if you aren’t already blasting his music through your speakers. I urge you to check his music out for the love of music.

Get The Bright Lights EP HERE on itunes!

[itunes link=”″ title=”Gary_Clark_Jr-The_Bright_Lights_-_EP_(Album)”]


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