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Future Tense

Today is one of the biggest Future Tense events of the year. Our friends from ZLOG, Zach, Tyler and crew worked really hard preparing for this event.

From Future Tense Facebook Page:
Future Tense is a Monthly Fixed Gear bike event held on the second Friday of every month in Seattle, Washington. The purpose is to promote the growth and development of the bicycle scene in Seattle. Future Tense is a FREE event.

From the facebook event page:
Red Bull will be sponsoring the event by donating a ramp and a box for the trick jam. This will basically be a mini Red Bull Ride & Style, before the actual event on the 28th of April. We will be sending our home town heavy-hitter, Tyler Johnson, to the main event in San Francisco (in which he took 3rd place in 2011). Be there to wish him luck. Event will take place at 65th an Ravenna and will also include a race portion and group ride for all those fast bike folks. Please start spreading the word!

Check out the Future Tense event page for more details here

More info about Future Tense here

Read up on ZLOG here.

Supply&Demand will be there to cover the event, so stay tuned!!!


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