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Cal Anderson Park in the middle of the Capitol Hill neighborhood here in Seattle is a gem. While getting final gear set before the Future Tense + ZLOG hosted ride a serious bike polo session paired excellently with the bustling park scene to energize the whole group in my account.

30+ riders representing most every faction from hardtail trick to limited gear full road poured north up Broadway, flew down the Hill to Lake Washington Blvd. then cranked to within two blocks of mi casa! Underneath the I-5 freeway on Ravenna Ave awaited 30 more riders and a park and ride lot morphed into a trick jam, sprint race brackets, and sponsored bike gear raffle YES! Thanks to Red Bull, Casual Industries, Contour, POW, TRE, Coal, Stay Gold, and zlogblog.com for the attention and Future Tense and Zlog for the invitations!

The evening got very special the moment the raffle started. Yours truly put on my winning pants and with lots of rare luck held the ticket for the prize that myself and the s&d crew had our eyes on! This white on white LEADER 727TR frame is really amazing to check out (aluminum frame with great blending and sexy inverse curve in front of rear wheel) and the build up will be entertaining no doubt. Thanks very much Lady Luck, ZLOG, Future Tense, & Leader for the crazy opportunity!

Now we wait for another event from ZLOG and/or Future Tense after seeing their diverse draw and solid attitude within Seattle’s bike community. Weather’s right today.. lots of riders out.. I’m jumping on my wheels to check out that lot. Might be going down asap and I won’t miss another, cheers and good riding to all.

Check out the Future Tense event page for more details here

More info about Future Tense here


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