Fuct is over 20 years deep in the Street Wear game and still one of the realest out there. This new summer line is fucking off the hook, as per usual the line deals with real world issues through amazing graphics and text. Below is the forwarded message I received from J.R. Ewing whom is the Creative Director for the Fuct soft goods designs. Be sure to check out the lookbook shot on location entirely in Juarez.
– Omar
 Señores y Señoras,
  El FUCT MFG. Co. is proud to announce its Summer 2013 line “Raging Bull”.
The season’s inspiration came from the beautiful and dangerous Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico’s northern State of Chihuahua located right over the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.
Because of its nefarious trades, Juarez has always been a place of rare and exotic activities that no red-blooded American can deny. In the past this pairing of cultures was viewed as harmless and exciting, with semi safe red light activities for gringos that had no need to worry about serious harm. But today with the violent explosion of the US/Mexico War on Drugs we have destroyed that aspect of old Juarez, and nearly everything else that we once knew of our neighbor as well.
In coming up with this season’s line we wanted to show 2 sides of Ciudad Juarez, not only is it a city famous for violence, drug smuggling and illegal immigration, but it’s also a place full of normal people living normal lives. Some pieces are satirical, some are a little dark, but they are all a reflection of daily life in this city. This is where we came up with the name Raging Bull, as a bull can be beautiful and calm or ferocious and violent just like Juarez.
We hope that you will take the time to check out the pieces we created in our store, the photos we shot of Juarez in our lookbook to intrigue and inspire you to do a little research about on Ciudad Juarez on your own.
  We wish safety and recovery for our brothers and sisters next door.
Nos vemos pronto Juarez.

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