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FUCT Fall / Winter Delivery #2

Today marks the end of the world as we know it. Welcome to the new world order: #8BALLWORLD /// Please help us spread the word to all of the 8’s worldwide and keep calling the #8BALLHOTLINE for #SpiritualAdvice from our #8BallOperators 206-659-4574 /// L8RS
– JR Ewing
I received a glorious email yesterday announcing the good ol’ boys at FUCT are all set to drop some more heaters on the tee shirt game. As usual the graphics are simple, carry lighthearted messages and are American as fuck. Aside from the tees there are hoodies, sweat pants, beanies and other trinkets to suit your fancy. Take a moment to pour another bowl of your favorite cereal then continue your Saturday morning cartoons courtesy of #8BallTony + #KeyboardKid. Peep the look book below and head over to the online store if you like what you see.
Seriuosly tho, call the #8BallHotline and get some (FREE) clarity in your life, as well see some of the guys movements on IG #8BallWorld.
– Omar

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