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A Brave New World


Hello, new readers! Welcome to Supply&Demand.

Many of you are probably here because of recent facebook or twitter updates. Perhaps other big news brought you to our pages or maybe some of you are reading these lines because someone sent you our way. Maybe it was destiny! Either way we’re honored to have you.

We love beautiful and smart design, architecture that you dream of living and working in, music that inspires, art that mesmerizes, food that’s delectable, everything that life has to offer and more!

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals; whether they were new artists, chefs, designers, musicians, authors, and photographers…they all wanted to share their talent with the rest of the world!

I wanted to create a space where they can share their talents, without the pitfalls of falling into the often hyped, genre defining, confusing, the latest internet meme, “too cool for school” websites. I envisioned a clean and simple website aimed at Supplying readers with their Demand for unique content. No frills, no gimmicks- just an honest take on the world!

Supply&Demand was officially launched on 1.11.11.

Supply&Demand contains features and interviews that profiles designers and brands, serving as a platform for businesses to showcase new and upcoming product, while keeping readers informed of the latest trends, retailers, and events. Supply&Demand strives to support the arts and surrounding communities while cultivating the most influential news today in art, fashion, film, food, music, photography and technology.

Are you a new artist looking for exposure? Or would like to contribute to Supply&Demand, please visit our Contact page.

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