Electric Punanny feat. Jasmine Solano and Melo-X

Yaaay, its fucking friday! Last week on this very day me and my boy Dre hit up the Electric Punanny’s secret Brooklyn party. We got there a little too early, so we chilled out at a dive for a sec and had a couple drinks. Upon arrival # 2, we were instantly engulfed in the sounds of heavy Dancehall riddimmmmsssss! The last time I was in a place that dark, with the Dancehall that loud, I was in downtown Nairobi with a Tusker in both hands and a towel over my head. You might ask, “why did I have a towel over my head?” NO I was not trying to be that cool dude with the towel in the club ok?! It was clear I was not from around there and the hookers were biting like when little kids spaze on Hungry Hungry Hippos and there is only one ball left !?! Shit, well I really needed that towel last friday, this Brooklyn fucking basement was hot as shit! I was carrying my full camera bag and sweating like a mad man. I’m not bitching right now, just letting you know this place had a ill vibe going on, the girls were all smiles, the dudes were laid back and everybody was ready to get their boogie on. Somewhere halfway through the madness the music stopped and an introduction was made for the SEXY Jovi Rockwell?! This was a dope surprise for me (there were a couple cats by the booth who lost their shit completely!), I had no idea she was coming so it was quite the bonus. Jovi hopped on the mic and started off by just singing acappella. She then transitioned into a quick set and made a couple dudes nights. I meant to leave the party by around 2am or whenever I felt like I had grabbed enough clips. But all of a sudden the lights came on and I was standing at the bar smoking a cig asking the bar tender what was happening next weekend. Hmmm, should I go find out, itttt iiiiis Friday!?!?!

Check out Jasmin HERE

– Omar

P.S. I just watched the above video in slow motion, hmmm…


So every once in awhile, you can simply take something, slow it down and then it puts another smile on your face (ooorr its the Codeine). I love how the dude at 00:56 syncs with the song PERFECT!

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