Cop Car Rhapsody, Robert Wilkinson x Queen _ Full Sync Re Edit

So who doesn’t like “Viral Videos” these days?!? But sometimes I will watch one, then think to myself, “well that could have been done better….” I hit a stand still on a small project I was editing earlier today, the logos are still in limbo and the video clip can’t be finished without them. So I got distracted on Facebook looking through my news feed, someone had posted the original video and it was pretty funny, but lacked the full kick it really needed. I figured someone on Youtube must have posted a decent version of Robert Wilkinson synced with the original Queen mega ballad. I found a couple versions, but they all were pretty much crap. We are not a Viral Video site, but it was clear I had to be the one to step up to the plate and do justice to this brilliant performance. Anyone who can recite all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody completely wasted deserves proper representation. Notice how as he breaks in to “too late, my time has come….good bye everybody….” at that exact moment the squad car pulls in to the police station, it couldn’t have been timed better! Around the 3:00 mark (this is where the other edits of this video didn’t dare pursue) you may think Robert is about to lose it and blow the grand finally, NO, I insured that the action continues! By the time he is screaming at the bullet proof glass you should be crying tears of joy. It took about three hours of editing scrutiny to fully realize what I think is much closer to Mr. Robert Wilkinson’s original vision. Robert I salute you for turning what will likely get your licence revoked in to an epic moment. Freddie Mercury is somewhere with a huge smile on his face.

– Omar

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