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Cire Trudon

Here at S&D we keep ourselves smelln’ fresh. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the subway, the bus or your friends apartment. Insert Cire Trudon’s “Stink Bombs”. These aren’t bombs of stink- rather, they are bombs of goodness.

The “Stink Bombs’ are somewhat new to the product line, but have been received very well. Each tin has two layers of vials, with a total of 10 odors fighters!

Haven’t heard of Cire Trudon?

CT is pure luxury; a Parisian candle maker, in business since 1643. Maison Trudon became the official royal wax manufacturer in 1719, supplying wax to Napoleon and his court. Today, Cire Trudon is the official candle maker to brands like Hermes and Dior; cited as the oldest French manufacturer in business- worldwide.

Cire Trudon has a unique product line, garnering an almost cult like following; famous for their “bust” candles.

Napoleon bust candle

standard bust candles

Within the last year, Cire Trudon opened their 2nd location in NY’s, Nolita neighborhood. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in Paris or NY you’re out of luck. They don’t have a web store, and for the last 200+ years customers had to go to Paris if they wanted the goods. If you thought Diptyque candles and scents were it..you need to holler at Cire Trudon.

You can find a limited selection of their candles online here.


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