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Choose your fortune (and wear it) wisely.

Are you a believer in psychics? I, personally, believe in them, but I also have my reservations. From personal experience, I held off on getting a reading until one of my best friends convinced me to get one “just for fun.” I was told things I already knew, things that were common sense, but there were a couple things that were foretold, and honestly, I forgot about them until now…because these foretold things actually happened. Call it a coincidence or what you will, there’s a continuum; psychics can be used purely for entertainment purposes or you can use what they tell you as a basis of how you want to live your life. Up to you, right?

So how about taking it a step further by actually WEARING your fortune? With it being the beginning of 2012, I’m sure many of you are curious to know what’s in store for you this year. Mother’s Psychic Tees creator Lucinda Clare (a psychic originally from the UK, but now based in LA), designed t-shirts personalized for its choosers.

When you go to the site, you pick a number, and the customized t-shirt, which reveals your fortune, will be sent to you. Here’s the catch: you cannot pick a size. Supposedly, if the shirt doesn’t fit you, then it was meant for someone else.

Running at 150 bucks a pop, 100% of proceeds go to Age UK, which is the UK’s largest charity for the elderly. Pick a number, get a fortune, wear it and give to charity. Pretty nifty, eh?

To become a fortune-wearer, go to: http://www.psychictees.com/#notforsale


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