Brooklyn Bodega “Show & Prove Competition” 4/12/2012

Brooklyn Bodega, the producers behind the 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, have announced this year’s “Show & Prove Competition” where up-and-coming MCs can compete for the opportunity to perform at this year’s festival.

The “Show & Prove” competition takes place over the course of three months and consists of three preliminary contests to be held on April 12, May 10, and June 14. The three preliminary contest winners will compete for an opening slot during the festival’s “Performance Day.”

– JP DelaCuesta, via

Thank you JP for the excellent  above description, I was a bit stuck for words to describe what the event was all about. I arrived at least 20 minutes early thinking I should beat the crowd, I peeked my head in and there was like 5 people, so I bounced and came back 30 minutes later. Still no one was there, I was seriously just standing around with a huge camera in hand wondering if this was just a mistake to attend. The only reason I went is because Jimmy Age invited me, we met last summer at a Big K.R.I.T. 3 song set for some sexy birthday girl, he gave me sticker (it was a big sticker) and I guess I felt I owed him one. What better time for support, when a performing slot at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is on the line. The start of the show was delayed to let the crowd make its way to the venue things started about and hour late, the DJ played some heat, the MC got the crowd ready and things were on their way. The show inlcuded 4 MCs, JuS, JimmY Age, Kounsel and Rasheed Chappell. JuS opened things up, he was too faded and not quite stage ready. The messages in his songs and the messages in his on stage banter were very contradictive, it was later announced that it was his first performance (that made sense), why would you fly from LA to perform for the first time, in a contest non the less? I give him props for being bold, although ultimately it was not a good look. Jimmy was up next, he brought his charisma, clever bars and slappin beats, (I think) he did himself a disservice by playing older songs from other artists during his set, “stick to YOUR guns” Jim! Kounsel had very radio friendly type of music going on, “relatable fantasy raps” I would call them. He was nice don’t get me wrong, just not my cup of tea these days. As well, Kounsel had a massive crew of crazy drunk dudes from Long Island repping his songs word for word. Rasheed Chappell hit the stage seeming like he was the most seasoned of the bunch. He produced the most polished performance for sure, from his precise delivery, to the chops in his beats. He held his set down solo with no hype man needed, I am not sure if the crowd realized how intricate his Big Daddy Kane homage was. But he was rapping over a live version of his songs which included backing vocal tracks. The MC/host for the show said something about how he thought backing tracks were whack, I wonder if that will weigh in with the judges. But in all reality what I say means nada, this contest is decided by votes. I hope to make it to the “Super Bowl” to see the final stand off!

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    Thank you for coming to the show and lending an ear. Respect.

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