Big K.R.I.T. @ Santos Party House

Soooo the other night I went to see Atmosphere’s “The Family” tour, unfortunately I had no press pass and my camera was forced into being checked, so Sauce and I just got wasted. The show was rad, Slug did all his classics, Blueprint had a pretty tripped out set and Grieves handled his business well. After it was over I was still just so bummed I didn’t get any Slug footage I had already chalked up the night as fail. We headed out to meet the homie George from GOODS at Santos, when we got there this lil guy with dreads was getting kicked out and screaming “you don’t know who the fuck I am” to three gigantic bouncers. It seemed like his friends had finally subdued him and got him to take off when he comes charging back down the street like Braveheart screaming while wielding a green NYC trash can, awesome! We hopped into the club, looking around inside and realizing the room seemed to be filled with an assortment of people kinda just standing around and a bunch of drunk people on the stage. I really had no idea as to why we were there, but things started to piece together that it was a sexy young lady’s birthday party and she announced over the mic Big K.R.I.T. was coming through?! It was really dope to get a taste of his live ability/delivery! He killed what you could call a micro set. Thank you sexy lady for hooking that up, yes your hair looked fucking fantastic! Imma que up some K.R.I.T. right now!

– Omar

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