Attack the Block

Basement Jaxx “Loose Ends”

This track from the Basement Jaxx duo was splashed across the interwebs today, go ahead and add movie score composer to their resume. It is a song that is featured in the movie Attack the Block which is also a debut for Director Joe Cornish, it has a U.K. release date of May 11th. Attack the Block was recently screened at SXSW and received great reviews, the U.S. release has not been set yet but I can’t image it should take too long. Check out the trailer, the flick is being backed by the producers of Shaun of the Dead soooo you can know what to expect. Nowadays with musical artists needing licensing deals from other media outlets to get paid, these types of projects are now common place in Movies/Commercials and I really like where this one is going! Gritty tracks behind a hilariously gritty movie, I’m hyped!

– Omar

Found it at Fader
Basement Jaxx – “The Ends” from “Attack The Block” by Basement Jaxx

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