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Typographic Portraits

Typography is the art of arranging type. It is through this artform where the designer becomes author and where author becomes designer. The interactive conversation from viewer to designer and to author is what makes this type of artform one of the most intellectual and […]

“The Art of the Automobile” at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

The Department of French Tourism must have finally realized that simply put, summer sucks (it’s murderous, literally) in Paris. (In the summertime, it’s Central African hot and ummm, duh, that’s what the French Riviera is for, the summer). Until August 28th, Ralph Lauren has sent […]

Kanye West’s “ok we get it” legendary theatrical Coachella Performance

“My biggest disappointment in life is not being able to see myself perform live.” After last night’s Coachella performance, Kanye may actually have a valid profound point. Ordinarily, for music festivals, especially ones held in deserts which are predominantly attended by thousands of joint rolling, […]

Akira Kurosawa’s Japan

There’s this old South Park episode, it’s called “Lice Capades.” It’s about a student at South Park Elementary who has lice. Throughout this episode, you follow a family of lice on their epic journey trying to survive the student’s attempt to clean his scalp and […]

Skateistan: To Live & Skate in Kabul

Last night I had dinner with the Vice President of the Philippines. We discussed foreign policy with journalists ranging from Time Magazine, U.S. News, to the Economist. There, I met the project director for Foreign Affairs Magazine who recently spent 8 months in Afghanistan attempting […]

Terry Richardson & Lady Gaga for Supreme

For over 16 years, Supreme has worked with some of this generation’s most cutting edge artists, designers, musicians, and photographers, who, to each his/her own have contributed in defining the unique identity and attitude of Supreme. At its core, Supreme is the home of New […]

Composition of Mammals

Talented artist Wataru Yoshida‘s series of illustrations investigates the anatomy and composition of human and mammalian. These illustrations show the complexity and the intricacy of the structure and form of the internal infrastructure in an elegant, yet simple fashion. -johnny o.

Ashes & Snow

I first saw Gregory Colbert’s Ashes & Snow exhibit in March of 2007 in Tokyo. Since that time, I have been searching for the eloquence to capture the appreciation I have for this exhibit. I’ve come to realize that certain things, certain events, especially creations […]

Live Mix Show

Tired of listening to the same radio station that plays the same songs over and over? Or the increasingly monotonous shows of NPR, ESPN, Bloomberg Radio, or even your ipod playlists? Tune into the Live Mix Show created by the Cerritos All Stars. Cerritos, a […]

The Mashup

Typically, “music mashups” are complete garbage. Case and point (and there are thousands of those). However, gems such as The XX and Notorious B.I.G. are perfectly juxtaposed. Brooklynites Class Actress with Dre and Snoop? A classic. Also, check out Lil Wayne’s 500 Days of […]


Since 1915, Moscot, the New York City based specialist in eyewear have framed the famous faces of many esteemed creatives, ranging from the likes of Woody Allen, Andy Warhol, Kanye West to Johnny Depp. Moscot’s collection of vintage frames (both eyeglasses and sunglasses) are original […]

Three Screen Smartphone

Kristian Larsen, an interaction design student at the Kolding School of Design in Denmark has conceptualized the smartphone of the future. Perhaps one day, maybe even next year, this mobile device will be created. As of now, it is merely a concept. Learn more about […]

The Art of Horology

For almost 2 centuries, the prestige, quality, and elegance of the art of horology have been symbolized through the creations of Patek Philippe. The Calibre 89, a remarkable legacy of genius: 332 screws, 129 rubies, 429 mechanical components, 68 springs, 24 hands, 184 wheels, a […]

Lennon’s ’65 Ferrari

Don’t love this car because it was owned by John Lennon- love it for it’s simplistic brilliance and clean industrial design. In Philip Norman’s biography of John Lennon, he recounts Lennon’s first automobile purchase as, “an event that made headline news across the nation. Within […]

Week Nights

It’s a week night. You need a drink. Not a scotch neat, rather a sophisticated blur sans the hangover and chagrin. Your answer: Fernet Branca, a liquid masterpiece invented in 1845 in Italy containing 27 different herbs and spices originating from four continents-yes that’s a […]

Point & Click

Learn how to snap. Step 1, get a camera. You’re spending a pretty dime on that ticket, so invest in a camera, particularly something you can simply point and click away. Your memory can take you far, but your photographs remind you of the places […]