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Coffee-holic Anonymous – Beware of Seattle

Me: Hi [sigh]. My name is Outhorn (oo-ton). Coffee Anonymous Group: Hi Outhorn! Me: And I am…I am… Effing out of here because I love being addicted to coffee!!!  [End Scene] Okay, that was a cheesy example to put my coffee bliss affair into context. […]

LloydMartin Restaurant – Seattle, WA: Dark and witty never tasted so good…

Life according to Anthony Bourdain (writer, chef, traveler, and Travel Channel personality), we should not eat at a self-titled restaurant named after it’s owner/chef. He also fanatically says do not eat at restaurants if the restroom is not clean and maintained. These are indications of […]

King of Street Food: PDX Food Carts

Portland, OR – aka Rose City, Rip City, PDX – where fixed geared cyclist ride rampant with their hipster outfits (vintage style groomed mustaches, flannels, and tight skinny jeans – butt cracks included).  But the truth about Portland’s identity is bifurcated. Two of the major […]

How to Cook a Wolf – Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Tucked in the heart of the uptown neighborhood of Queen Anne in Seattle, WA – How to Cook a Wolf can be easily missed if you don’t pay close attention to its small and inconspicuous curb appeal. The M.F.K. Fisher novel inspired restaurant is more than meets […]