Auralís x Fililí 2012 Summer preview

A couple weeks ago a crew of friends met on a dock at the Miramar Yacht Club in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. When I arrived, the model Laura Wilson was already being prepped by the amazing KarloKarlo. This early part of the shoot turned out to be completely hilarious. It was a Sunday and there were three older ladies providing non stop banter about how beautiful Laura was, asking Karlo questions about hair tips/tricks and reminiscing about the old days. These ladies had me cracking up as I ate some eggs and bacon while watching football, I wish had some audio of those ladies! I cruised outside to tables that had been set up for us to use, I set my camera bag down, opened the wine and started to setup my equipment. We started a little late right around 3:30, this set us on a race with the sun. The light was changing Auralís x Fililíconstantly, but Photographer Mónica Félix kept the production flying along snapping out orders like a peppy drill Sergeant. After a couple hours on the docks, we took the shoot to a small 22 foot boat. We crammed about 9 people on that boat, it was a little ridiculous and I was super paranoid about falling in the water. Mónica and I were on the bow of the boat as we tried to frame good shots without any crew members in the background. Almost all of the shots I got while on the boat were done one handed, I tried to use two hands but the wake and choppy water on such a small boat didn’t seem worth it. We wrapped up the shoot just minutes before the sun set, all in all it was a great day and a great shoot! Although, I was sea sick for the rest of the night.

– Omar

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