Auralís 2012 Autumn preview

Last Wednesday, the same crew that brought you the Auralís 2012 Summer preview was back at it again. This time we were granted permission to shoot inside the NYC landmark University Club. If there is one thing to be said about this place, the library is nothing short of mind blowing. Ironically enough, it is my neighbor who has been managing/doing the renovation on their library!? We spent all day shooting, laughing, yelling and trying no to disturb the club members. I am pretty sure some of the old guys were pretty hyped to see our talent (Laura) strutting around in thin draped Auralís pieces, while towering more than six feet tall in those Gucci’s. If you are a buyer, be sure to check out Auralís at Capsule Women. Big high fives go out to the whole crew, let’s do it again!

Check out the look book!



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