Artist, Serene Bacigalupi

“Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, Serene graduated from Reed College with a degree in Anthropology in 2007.

Her art work is contemporary and whimsical. She draws heavily from an interest in graffiti and street art; particularly in terms of the materials she uses. Quentin Blake, Banksy, and Ralph Steadman are among her influences.

Serene works from Manhattan and has a permanent collection at Highwater Gallery in New Orleans, LA.”

I met Serene when she was working at the Artists & Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then we have had some pretty good times tearing up the L.E.S and BK. Serene is a complete character and it directly translates into her work, which is….But of course a whole bunch of crazy characters, “King” being my favorite. She applies these crazy creatures to her different mediums such as 2.5D resin coated pieces, paintings she has coined “Makeovers”, jewelry and clothing. Also last winter she was making small teddy bear heads in to velcro neck pouches, pretty rad. Of her works, I currently have one original piece and two prints (flickr photos at top). I love my original so much I plan on going to her apartment soon to buy a really big/epic original “Makeover” so I can take my room to the next level! A couple months back, when she told me she was in the process of coming up with “Fur Nails”. I really had no idea what to expect?! These turbo charged nails were so over the top, they had me cracking up when she unveiled them to me! I am really hoping to see some super smok’in hot righteous girl pull them off this summer when the outfits get crazy! Make sure to visit Serene at the market and check out her website Leroy’s Place, to see more of her work!

– Omar 


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