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Antonio Azzuolo Fall // Winter 2014 feat. Warby Parker

I got my fashion week off to an early start with a small presentation from Antonio Azzuolo. Key hair stylist Sean Decuersa with the assistance of a couple friends were doing the hair and shot me the invite. Antonio is back in NYC after two years in Europe, his new line reflects all the travel he did while on the other side of the globe. The presentation was held inside the Warby Parker located in Chelsea NYC, some of the models even sported new 2014 WP frames. Previously a menswear only designer Antonio has now stepped into designing for the ladies, I heard him thank the female models for joining him on his new journey.

– Omar BK//NYC

AA x WP 2014-1AA x WP 2014-2AA x WP 2014-3AA x WP 2014-4 AA x WP 2014-19 AA x WP 2014-18 AA x WP 2014-17 AA x WP 2014-16 AA x WP 2014-15 AA x WP 2014-14 AA x WP 2014-13 AA x WP 2014-12 AA x WP 2014-11 AA x WP 2014-10 AA x WP 2014-9 AA x WP 2014-8 AA x WP 2014-7 AA x WP 2014-6 AA x WP 2014-5

AA x WP 2014-19

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