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All City Showdown #7 Video Premiere




All City Showdown is a true street skating contest. Spots, cracks, rough ground, weather, security, pedestrians, cops, traffic and a time limit. Everyone leaves the shop at 11 and comes back by 7 to hand in their footage. Its that simple.

All City Showdown is brought to you by 35th North skate shop, RVCA and Cons. It is a new twist from years past. 3 skaters,1 flimer and 8 hours to collect footage. All the tapes that are turned in at the end of the day are only seen by the All City judges and the editors until the day of the premiere. Difficulty of tricks, number of spots, quality of spots, style, creativity all are taken into account when deciding the winners. All City highlights the very best in the North West skate scene and is entirely put on and ran by skateboarders.

– 35th North

The day has come, Seattle’s #1 skateboard event of the year and easily the best street skateboarding contest EVER! The 7th annual All City Showdown hits the big screen tonight! If you are in the Seattle area and appreciate some good shredding or just like the dudes who do it, this is a must see. It is going to be a night of pure skateboarding excitement: plenty of cheering/yelling, high fives/secret hand shakes, drink pounding/drink throwing, lurking, rad girls and everything else you didn’t get for Christmas. Get down to El Corazon by 8pm and bring $8 dollars to get in. I’m in Brooklyn and can’t attend this year (uuugh sooo sad!?!), if you are completely devastated (like I am) keep your head up there is a saving light. Slap magazine will be premiering all the footage online at Slapmagazine.com from 1/1/13 – 1/3/13.

– Omar

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