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NYC Agenda and Capsule Trade Show 2011

The forum where streetwear and action sports industries unite to let their lines speak for themselves. This year, The Chelsea Art Museum was transformed into a giant display for designers and brands to showcase upcoming material focusing on the east coast market. With the emphasis in style, art, music, and culture, the experience is as much a lesson as it is a tool.

Check out the slideshow. For those of you who missed it, hopefully you get to check it out there next year.

Lucky for us, our good friend JonJon over at The Vault in Harlem was on top of the interviews with some of our favorite brands. Get ’emm JonJon!




Play Cloths

T.I.T.S (Two In The Shirt)

Herschel Supply Co.

Right next door the Capsule Trade show was showing all of the best high-end contemporary brands, independent designers, and super premium street wear labels.
For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Capsule is self-described as a “fashion and lifestyle trade event that fuses the best high-end contemporary brands, direction independent designers and super premium street wear labels.”
Planning out what you’re doing next weekend is tough enough, but fashion plans seasons ahead so we got to check out what mens fall fashion for 2011 would be like. It seemed as if last years fashion trends are still taking place but with more of the vintage appeal moving into the main concept of everyones fall 2011 lines.

Here’s another interview, courtesy of our homie JonJon from The Vault and Neil Maloney , Creative Director of Marshall Artist at Capsule NYC. They’ve got classic British style, with excellent quality material and nice detailing on every piece.

“…just like no two pieces of wood are the exact same, no two pairs of Shwoods are the exact same…every piece is original.” – Taylor
This new eyewear brand is keeping it original and organic with all handcrafted pieces made from real wood out of Portland, Oregon. All you northwest folks, go check them out! These are hot!

“After the show its the after party…”

Shout outs to BLACK SCALE for the “Hennesy Black” open bar! We made a stop to hang out for a while and check out their shop that just recently opened in SoHo. If you click the link check out their blog, you’ll see more recent products from them. They’re simple, they’ve got unique designs, and best of all they have a lot of Black things. Good stuff. Really. Also a big shout out to Brad Digital, Thanks for the great tips!

We also went over to the Agenda after party at SL  in Chelsea with the folks from The Vault and Crooks&Castles. Shout out to Jon-Jon, Naomi, and Mink! DJ Neil Armstrong was on the 1’s & 2’s killin’ it all night!

Again, if you missed it this year, definitely check it out next time. Coming Soon “The Repor Report”.


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