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The much-publicized convention Agenda, which features a diverse medley of some of the most anticipated street wear trends and exhibitors recently approached New York City Jan. 23 and 24.

Adopting a fresh playground for buyers, distributors and established brands, Agenda emphasized the essence of aesthetic design, style, art, music and culture.

Giving prominence to some of the more distinguished labels including WeSC, Herschel Supply Co., Insight, Sprayground, and Native Shoes, the trade show presented over a hundred brands and representatives.

“Our new lines are inspired by a heritage Motown 1967 LES (Lower East Side) vibe,” said WeSC’s U.S. general manager, Eric Ruhle.  “There’s a jazzy-funk look which is incorporated into a lot of the graphics.”

WeSC is an alternative street-fashion line that caters to action-sport junkies, and creative intellects.

With a contemporary blend of vintage pieces, contrasting threads, and three-in-one classics, Ruhle gives us a little taste of what Spring 2012 has in store. Shop WeSC at American Rag, Zumiez, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, or visit wesc.com.

After rummaging through the overwhelming coalesce of apparel, Australian-born, lifestyle brand Insight, made a notable impression with its hand-carved collectables and Fall 2012 highlights.

Retailers really seem to be digging the neoteric beeswax molds, as they are all hand-carved and shaped in Bali.

“This is a really special fall ’12 line of collectables from creative director Steve Gorrow,” said Vanessa Chiu, Marketing and PR Manager for Insight. “He’s been the brain child behind all of our add campaigns for the past five years or so. We’re launching about 20 of them in stores this fall.

With a men and women’s full collection, Chiu also reveals a few art-inspired pieces and specialty knits.

Supply & Demand had the pleasure of speaking with NYC designer DBD, creator of Sprayground.  With the Camo and Ammo Collection heading to retailers in spring, the rebel bag company shares the latest batch of bags including the gold brick deluxe backpack and ammo-stacked duffle.

“Sprayground’s concept is all about neat, fashionable designs that cater to the creative individual who also cares about art and functionality,” said DBD.

Having received tremendous success in the last two years, Native Shoes brought quite a rainbow of color to the show while exposing its fall/winter ’12 collection. With a ton of diverse styles, the Jefferson shoe has been Native’s top seller with its waterproof, odor resistant and beast-free features. The shoes are inspired by those timeless pieces such as Vans, Keds, and Converse, but Native gave the kicks a bit of an environmental twist.

You can also check out some more footage of Herschel’s latest collection – the detail oriented and fully functional collection of backpacks, or tune in with Shahed Serajuddin as he speaks about Moss and 40’s.

Overall, Agenda was definitely a unique venture and well, if you missed it, there’s always next year.

-kimberly haddad


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