Admin Torres “Vanitas”

Admin (pronounced Admeen) Torres is a 25 year old artist from the island of Puerto Rico. She currently has work on display at Willow on State in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. This was a great chance to bounce outta the big city for a sec, I think I had almost forgot what quiet sounds like? After a subway ride to Manhattan, one bus ride to Philadelphia and a ride from a friend, Historic Kennet Square was under my feet. The town is 1/4 square mile, and boasts it is the mushroom capital of the world. The town has an “Art Walk” every 1st and 3rd Friday, a few businesses stay open and host small events. I had never seen her work but assumed it had to be pretty good since her boyfriend Demian is quite the tattoo artist. So I took the “surprise me” approach and WOW did Admin deliver. Admin’s collection “Vanitas” was about 20 or so pieces, minimal clean lined pencil sketches, busy mixed mediums and abstract acrylic works. I really like the idea behind the faces wearing masks, how people present themselves all the while hiding the actual person they have come to be. Vanitas is a reflection on the passing of the mortal man, the soul that guides it and the inevitable along the way. If I had my way, I would commission her to do a full wall mural in my apartment.

– Omar

P.S. Wait until you see Admin’s realistic work, that’s when the party really starts!


“Vanities of vanities, not all is vanity”.



are nothing else than the refusal of what is material; guiding us to the after life, which can’t be achieved with out giving priority to our spiritual side.

In art, these writings and paintings carry a string moral reflection on life.

Each of these pieces has been made using semiotic language-all the elements, color, and objects are a representation of a more complex idea. More than image, they are symbols, allegories of physical caducity, equity, and the unification with the whole, beginging with or being. They have been elaborated with the intention that the beholder contemplates them in detail, and that they will foster self-reflection and the distancing form time.

Flowers representing the untouchable side of human beings, hope, the soul, and deterioration of the body. In this case being used in more than one way due to where its placed in the composition taking us to a higher or holy, lower or inert calmness and even an agitated state. When placing theses with other elements creating powerful meanings with simple compositions. Another important important symbol is the skull, although it encloses a memento mori, it represents the remains of the physical side of human beings. It also let’s us lose individualism, putting aside race, gender and social status etcetera. All the images signal the passing of time, evolution and relapse. The Mask is the structure that hides this metamorphosis. The Mask represents the transformed human being into which an individual has become. This mask acts as a blind fold in the shape of a great ego, depriving man of seeing that we are all equal inside, we are all one.

The principal function of these symbolisms are not necessarily to make a reflection about the end of life, instead putting emphasis on enjoying life before death. Creating a simpler way to make the best of what is given to us on a daily basis.

– Admin Torres

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