aarabMUZIK, mini Documentary

The only thing I love more than a RAW video with a clean edit and beautiful composition is a massage. Regardless of what my personal temptations are because I abuse my body, I fucking LOVE videos like this! Nowadays it is so rad to see a small production production crew create something this original, clean, and legit! Big props to Alec Sutherland and the crew. Also I am super curious about how the installation was created to sync the Led lights to the Mpc2500 pads then display them in the same physical layout, what a fucking brilliant idea!?! In all reality the whole thing would not start or end so amazingly without aarabMUZIK, his hands work a like humming birds wings on a square inch of air, straight up bionic. As he cycles through different drums/samples, sonic murder is recorded in real time as your silly brain can’t keep up with his magic hands tearing through multiple high hat cymbal combos leaving you dazed and amazed!

P.S. What does it cost to have this guy shred at my Bday right around 2am?

Props to Ryan Aningalan for showing me the link

– Omar

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