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A Saturday in San Francisco Mission District!

With the summer heading towards its end, San Francisco is always ready to amaze the next person. Last Saturday we took Bart into the mission, for the La Cocina 3rd Annual SF Street Food Festival. We decided to utilize Bart for 3 reasons: 1)Metered parking, 2)Meter Maid printing tickets, 3) Road closures.
Festivals in San Francisco are always fun, and highly recommended. I go to the events for one reason and simply, it’s to experience San Francisco. If you came here to eat…wrong time buddy. Check out the pictures! The streets were jammed packed, with lines running up and down the block. Almost felt like a never ending snakes game.

We headed to a couple of booths and just grabbed what we could. The highlight for me was the Chicken Tikka Marsala Burrito from Curry Up Now. It was the pretty dam good and spicy. Ate a bunch of other mediocre things, check it out.

Being in the mission, it’s always dope to see what new murals are up. You can definitely see the culture influences in graffiti here. Check out one of the alleys we walked by in the mission.

The weekend is around the corner, the weather is beautiful, plan your weekend accordingly. San Francisco’s Reggae festival will be getting lifted in the Fillmore, make sure you check it out. As for me, I’ll be rooting for my Giants!

I wanted to share my experience, so thanks for reading. Our newest member Sheila was also there, be sure to check out her post on the Sf Street Food Festival.

If you haven’t, share our site with your friends and family. Awesome!

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