5Pointz “Institute of Higher Burnin”

In my recent travels to New York, I had the opportunity to catch up with the curator/founder of 5pointz! Meres One also known as Johnathan Cohan, has been the heart and soul of this MAD-ness. 5Pointz is seen as “graffiti mecca,” as well as the, “Institute of Higher Burning” and has been operating since its reopening in 2001. The block long, 200,000 square foot Phun Factory, has seen various legendary aerosol artists around the world. 5 Pointz is truly an amazing place. Pure art  is created utilizing aerosol cans, and a variety of over 10 different nozzle tips, which create the murals you see. If you ever scribbled anything on paper, or even tried to do block letters…you must come here asap. 5Pointz is on a thin line of getting shutdown, but the surrounding community and graffiti artists hopes 5Pointz will becomes a museum of graffiti instead. Meres One has organized a fundraiser to help keep the lights on, as well as preserving 5Pointz.  Words can’t really describe what we saw, so here’s a little something for your eyes, and ears. Watch the Video.

Enjoy and donate to the cause at 5PTZ.com

On a side note, Sauce and Tonic was on a mission to get to the top and… we made it.

Thanks for the support!

S&D San Francisco

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