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2011 TV Style

Our Top 3 TV shows at the moment is Community on NBC, Skins on MTV, MAD MEN on AMC which coincidentally made it in GQ’s March Issue. From awesome surfwear to fitted suits, GQ covers the latest in American style that’s taking the fashion world by storm.

Warriors of Radness
On the cast of Skins

Founded: 2008, Los Angeles
Designer: Rick Klotz, 43
The aesthetic: SoCal surfwear with the volume turned all the way up.
Namesake: “It’s a play on the name of this ’80s skate show that was called Wizards of Rad.”
Inspiration: “Whenever I’m looking for fresh ideas, I call up friends, and I’m like, ‘Hey, man, can I snag your photo album from ’86?’ I always know those will be packed with a bunch of badass guys with blond hair and bright wet suits.”
Favorite read: “There’s this magazine from the ’70s called Wet. It was about the art of ‘gourmet bathing and beyond.’ The articles were all related to water—seltzer, hot springs, ocean… Genius.”

Watch Skins episodes on MTV every Monday night.

Gant by Michael Bastian
On the Cast of Community

Took the reins: 2009, New York City
Designer: Michael Bastian, 45
The aesthetic: The beloved American heritage brand gets a pick-me-up from one of the marquee interpreters of American style. The result is classic sports-influenced preppy (madras, rugby shirts, navy blazers) updated with bolder patterns and colors and slimmer fits.
Every man should own: “A pair of five-pocket cords. They work with everything, and you need to give your jeans a rest. Sometimes there’s a little too much denim static out there.”
Fashion pet peeve: “I’m ready for the whole stylist phenomenon with celebrities to go away. People always ask, ‘Whose style do you admire?’ Well, it’s hard to say, because I don’t think we’re seeing personal style; we’re seeing hired style.”
Inspiration: “No one has more style than a New York City 7-year-old. I live next to a school in Greenwich Village, and it’s always so cool to see the parents walking their kids to school, because it’s two moms or two dads, mixed-race families, and you can see that the kids are just allowed to be themselves and pick their own clothes in the morning.”

Watch Community on NBC every Thursday night.

Miller’s Oath
On the Cast of Mad Men

Founded: 2010, New York City
Designer: Kirk Miller, 32
The aesthetic: Old-school bespoke tailoring re-imagined for the twenty-first-century American man. At his impeccably curated custom shop in New York’s SoHo, Miller brings the same attention to detail to his suits that he brought to shoes and accessories at Barker Black.
Inheritance: “My great-grandfather had a store in Groton, South Dakota, with his eight brothers. It was originally a dry-goods general store, and then they started doing clothing. The building is still there.”
Influences: “My father really enjoyed clothing; it was his passion. One of our first trips was to London to see his tailor and shoemaker. I think I was 8. At the time, I figured everyone probably did that with their dad.”

Watch Mad Men on AMC.

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