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16th Annual, Hip Hop in the Park – 2012

I take my kids, every year, hoping to instill underground Hip Hop, into their lives.

“Hip Hop in the Park” is an annual event, in Berkeley, that features various components of the Hip Hop culture. Showcased are Graffiti artists, break dancers/pop lockers, DJ’s, and musicians. This all-ages and free event has taken residency, at People’s Park, for 16 years.

Some artists, who took to stage, were Dumbfoundead, Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, Ladies First: Raw G, Aima the Dreamer, Persia, Maya Songbird, and DJ Pam the Funkstress.

Dumbfoundead and Breezy Lovejoy headlined, this years show. Their performance was AMAZING! Dumbfounded is an animated, witty… yet, serious lyricist. At random, he would freestyle and get the crowd pumped up, laughing, and cheering. (See below for some of their latest music videos)

If you ever get the chance to catch Dumbfoundead live, please do so!

 Definitely check out next year’s Hip Hop in the Park event! It’s a great time to spend with your friends and family, listen to some great music, and chill under the sun!

Sponsored by Amoeba MusicAll Tribes SF Chapter Zulu NationAsian Pacific American Student Development @ UC BerkeleyBerkeley Student CooperativeAssociated Students of UC Berkeley (ASUC).


“Cellphone” -Dumbfoundead feat. Breezy Lovejoy & Wax


Family Matters Theme [Cover] -Breezy Lovejoy

“Are We There Yet?” -Dumbfoundead

-sheila [san francisco]


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